Pictures from Lima  
Pictures from Tambopata
Pictures from Cuzco
Pictures from Inka Trail/Machu Picchu
Pictures from Puno/Lake Titicaca
Pictures from Iguazú
Pictures from Palermo Soho/Hollywood, Buernos Aires
Pictures from San Telmo, Buernos Aires
Pictures from Centre Buernos Aires
Pictures from La Plata

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All pictures are property of Christian Vesterby. You may download and only for personal usage make
copies and prints of the contained pictures.
The full size pictures are provided for screen-viewing and generally not of printable quality (90 dot/inch).
If you want to make prints, send me an e-mail, with numbers of the pictures you want to print,
and I will make them available to you. These files are approximately 3Mb JPG high quality, 11,3 X 16,9 cm
(4.4 X 6.7 inches) in 360 dot/inch.